My favorite film’s quotes

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Transamerica (2005):

Dr. Spikowsky: How do you feel about your penis?
Bree Osbourne: [giving up] It disgusts me. I don’t even like looking at it.
Dr. Spikowsky: What about friends?
Bree Osbourne: They don’t like it either.


White Oleander (2002)

Ingrid: Are you out of your mind? How did this happen? I raised you, not a pack of Bible-thumping trailer trash. I raised you to think for yourself.


White Oleander (2002)

Rena: Workers of the world arise. You’ve got nothing to lose but Visa card, happy meal, and Kotex with wings.


Venus (2006):

Maurice: For most men, a woman’s body is the most beautiful thing they will ever see.
Jessie: What’s the most beautiful thing a girl sees? Do you know?
Maurice: Her first child.


Sicko (2007)

Tony Benn: Keeping people hopeless and pessimistic – see I think there are two ways in which people are controlled – first of all frighten people and secondly demoralize them.


Sicko (2007)

Tony Benn: An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern.


Sicko (2007)

Tony Benn: If we can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people.


Un comentario sobre “My favorite film’s quotes

    pinkflickgirl escribió:
    septiembre 23, 2008 en 4:29 am

    The White Oleander quotes remind me so much of the X generations little notes on the side of the book… they make me laught of irony!

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