The things I wonder about

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So many times I wonder about….

The way he has a shower. Does he starts by washing his hair, or does he takes the soap and washes his body?

The way he gets home. Does he arrives home and leaves his backpack on the sofa? or he leaves it by the table?

The way she might think about him with his wife.

The way she walks home, in despair.

The way he walks home, in despair.

The way he smiles ironically.

The way his wife looks at him when he snores in the middle of a Sunday afternoon after having lunch.

The way she sings while driving her bicycle.

The way the singer makes the music sound just perfect.

The morning she discovered she was no longer a child.

The way the cat jumps to her lap while she’s knitting a long sweater.

All those small and silly details….

…all those you can’t never be sure about


4 comentarios sobre “The things I wonder about

    birdieme escribió:
    septiembre 17, 2008 en 8:05 pm

    just beautiful!!!!!!!!

    pinkflickgirl escribió:
    septiembre 23, 2008 en 4:27 am

    So many silly things we wonder about…

    lovely, Fri!

    birdieme escribió:
    octubre 3, 2008 en 11:07 am

    ya tienes dos fans!!!!!

    mira, mira cómo gritamos eufóricas:


    pinkflickgirl escribió:
    octubre 4, 2008 en 4:32 pm

    Sí sí sí!!!

    Cómo te dije! me voy a hacer como grupie tuya!!

    Vamos Fri! Vero y yo te queremos muchísimo, y nos encanta lo que escribes!!

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